"Lift Towers" (feat. Thrillz Millz & BBY RGS)

New single off of my latest EP titled “Last”

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Flying Lotus - Until The Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus released this sneak peak of his upcoming album “Until The Quiet Comes” a couple of weeks ago, appropriately titled, “Small Moments.”  It seems that this album is already on it’s way to becoming an instant classic with the Flylo following.  As if anyone would actually expect a new Flying Lotus full-length to disappoint.

Enjoy the tease, for now. 

A short film was also released recently that features 3 slightly longer snippets from the upcoming Flylo album.  The film was directed by Kahlil Joseph and shot on beautiful 35mm film.  The quality of this video is truly stunning and the whole project is really inspiring, IMO. 

Also featured in the film are the moves of Storyboard P, a dancer from Brooklyn, New York, who displays his own unique style of dancing.  

//// Check it out ////

"Until The Quiet Comes" will be released on Oct 2nd and you can preorder it, here.

"Upcoming Releases: Skelethon"

Typically, I like to blog about some of the smaller, up-and-coming artists that I hear about or discover on the vast expanse of the Internet.  However, I feel the need today to recognize one of the up-coming releases from one of the major innovators in the hip-hop culture, Aesop Rock.  The release, titled, “Skelethon,” will be Aesop’s sixth studio album and is his first solo album since “None Shall Pass,” which was released in 2007.  The LP is set to be released on July 10, 2012 by Rhymesayers Entertainment.  

When I first heard about the LP, I was excited simply because new Aesop material was set to be released, but as I pondered the idea that many artists tend to lose their novelty after so many albums, I became anxious to hear the new material and decide for myself.  

Thankfully, when I listened to the first single and music video (which can be viewed below) off of the LP, “Zero Dark Thirty,” my memory was swiftly refreshed on why Aesop continues, time and time again, to be one of my favorite artists.  The track certainly has a new edge to it that gives the obscure quirkiness of Aesop’s lyrics a fresh canvas to paint.  However, the unique qualities, of both the lyrics and production, that Aesop is known for are still prevalent in his work today.  

From the catchy synth lead that starts off the track, to the driving, dripping-wet bass line, to the uplifting drum beat that carries the listener through it’s entirety, “Zero Dark Thirty” has set the bar high for the rest of “Skelethon” and has boosted the excitement of Aesop fans for his new release.

Plus, the music video is really cool:

Potential ep artwork?

Potential ep artwork?

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New school hip-hop: “Pazes - Rogue States feat. Biblo”

If you’re like me and are constantly searching for new hip hop artists that aim to transcend the cliche aspects of the hip hop culture nowadays, I’m proud to introduce, Pazes.  This up and coming artist, hailing from Brazil, is a recent graduate from the Madrid version of the Red Bull Music Academy.

About two weeks ago, I was aimlessly scrolling through my Twitter feed, when a particular tweet caught my eye.  It was a link to Pazes newest release, “Rogue States,” which is a collaboration with Istanbul-based artist Biblo, who is also a RBMA grad.  The track, which can be played below and downloaded here, is an all-encompassing journey of ambience and emotion that sucks you right in from the start.  The immense talent of Pazes and Biblo is apparent in this track.  Their ability to blend electronic soundscapes with the flow of hip hop and bring it all together with a touch of world music, makes Rogue States an instant favorite.  Along with this, the vocals on the track add a touch of melancholy that also emanates and consumes you with sounds that can only be described as pure bliss.  

Be sure to check out these artists’ Soundcloud pages and be on the lookout for them to play an influential role in the next steps of the evolution of hip hop, we can only hope.

Space Hardware takes off with release of “Brothers EP”

Jamie Russell, the man behind Hypercolour, Glass Table, Social Sneaker Club, and various other labels, has begun yet a new project.  Space Hardware has come into existence with Russell’s release of the Brothers EP by Placeholder.  Never heard of him?  Don’t feel bad, the relatively unheard of American producer has just recently started feeling the spotlight, after making waves in the Soundcloud community.  In fact, this is where Jamie Russell first discovered the deep, spaced-out sounds that Placeholder brings to the table.  ”Brothers,” the first song on the EP, as well as the first song I listened to when I stumbled across Placeholders Soundcloud page a short time ago, is deep and introspective, and a bit melancholy, but entirely beautiful (Unmastered version can be played below).  The droning, nostalgic pads that Placeholder utilizes so well start off the track, and just as you are starting to feel like you have been completely reeled in, he drops the wondrously manipulated vocal samples that give “Brothers” its distinct sound.  This track was an inspiration the first time that I heard it, and I am thrilled that an electronic music connoisseur such as Jamie Russell has picked it up.  The second track on the EP, titled “Don’t U Know,” is an all encompassing journey of ambiance, happy and sad, upbeat and chilled out, it is truly a treat for the ears (This track can also be played below).  Complete with pitchy vocal manipulation that evolves out of the detuned “sad robot voices” that start off the track, “Don’t U Know” is a ride of sound that crosses all genres of electronic music including garage, house, ambient, and more.  To top off the EP, they’ve thrown in a Jacob Korn remix of “Don’t U Know,” that completely tears down the house.  The Brothers EP, though boasting only 3 tracks, is a thoroughly rich and diverse release.  When I first played the unmastered version of “Brothers” only a few short months ago, I knew that there was something there that could not go unnoticed for long.  My intuition was right.  Be on the look out for more from Placeholder and Space Hardware in the future, because the sky is truly the limit for these guys.  Now, I am going to pick up this EP on vinyl (digital copies are also available), be sure to get yours too!

This is the first edition of the Aesthetic Podcast, it’s a fresh music selection, hosted by yours truly.


1. Skytree - Akasha

2. Frequent C - Transcend

3. Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix)

4. Ital Tek - Up

Artist profile: +verb

Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! I had the pleasure of spending mine in the beautiful Toledo district of southern Belize, which was home to some very interesting musical styles and dances.  I of course had my Ipod with me, full of music that reminded me of home, which I used constantly as a way to unwind and feel comfortable in a foreign place.  

One of the artists that I had been listening to before I left for the trip, and while I was on the trip, was none other than +verb (pronounced Adverb), who hails from Flagstaff, AZ.  The sounds of +verb are born in the mind of Dominic Tetmyer, who uses his alias as a creative outlet for the multi-genre, laser-bass-driven music that +verb is known for.  

Just before I left for Belize, Tetymyer released 3 songs on Soundcloud for free download, on his birthday, no less.  I found these songs keeping me upbeat and positive during my down time on the trip.  Unfortunately, +verb’s SoundCloud page is updated so frequently that these songs are no longer available.  However, this gives you the perfect opportunity to check out his page and follow him, because you never know when a new +verb track will pop up on your dashboard and liven up your day.

You can also head over to Bandcamp to purchase some of his work and follow him on Twitter, if you’d like.

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Hello, all!

Welcome to my blog!

I’ll start with my purpose: As we all know, the Internet has completely changed the ways in which we stay connected, but one of the major areas of this change has been with music and music sharing.  Recently, I have started using Soundcloud, an increasingly popular online audio distribution platform, to share my own music and also to connect with other artists.  When I signed up, however, I had no idea I was being initiated into a community with such vast influence and diversity.  Not only was I being connected to other artists from around the world, but I was being exposed to all new genres of music, subcultures, and artistic movements.

 Of course, Soundcloud is not the only website making waves, and the fact that so many people have access to these mediums, and are increasingly using them over other forms of media, means that the ways in which our culture is shaped and shared are going to be greatly influenced by them.  Already, new musical movements are being expedited via the Internet, giving way to new forms of art, design, and thinking in general.  This new music culture can access trends and subcultures from across the globe, no matter how large or small in influence, and, in turn, shape our culture in all new ways.  

This blog will focus on addressing this new and exciting world of music, art, and culture, and try to expose some of the less noticed artists that are adding to the rich variety of sound that is making it’s way across the Internet, and into our culture.  

Follow me here, or on Twitter, (@AestheticMusic) to stay up to date on music news and culture.

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