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Welcome to my blog!

I’ll start with my purpose: As we all know, the Internet has completely changed the ways in which we stay connected, but one of the major areas of this change has been with music and music sharing.  Recently, I have started using Soundcloud, an increasingly popular online audio distribution platform, to share my own music and also to connect with other artists.  When I signed up, however, I had no idea I was being initiated into a community with such vast influence and diversity.  Not only was I being connected to other artists from around the world, but I was being exposed to all new genres of music, subcultures, and artistic movements.

 Of course, Soundcloud is not the only website making waves, and the fact that so many people have access to these mediums, and are increasingly using them over other forms of media, means that the ways in which our culture is shaped and shared are going to be greatly influenced by them.  Already, new musical movements are being expedited via the Internet, giving way to new forms of art, design, and thinking in general.  This new music culture can access trends and subcultures from across the globe, no matter how large or small in influence, and, in turn, shape our culture in all new ways.  

This blog will focus on addressing this new and exciting world of music, art, and culture, and try to expose some of the less noticed artists that are adding to the rich variety of sound that is making it’s way across the Internet, and into our culture.  

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