"Upcoming Releases: Skelethon"

Typically, I like to blog about some of the smaller, up-and-coming artists that I hear about or discover on the vast expanse of the Internet.  However, I feel the need today to recognize one of the up-coming releases from one of the major innovators in the hip-hop culture, Aesop Rock.  The release, titled, “Skelethon,” will be Aesop’s sixth studio album and is his first solo album since “None Shall Pass,” which was released in 2007.  The LP is set to be released on July 10, 2012 by Rhymesayers Entertainment.  

When I first heard about the LP, I was excited simply because new Aesop material was set to be released, but as I pondered the idea that many artists tend to lose their novelty after so many albums, I became anxious to hear the new material and decide for myself.  

Thankfully, when I listened to the first single and music video (which can be viewed below) off of the LP, “Zero Dark Thirty,” my memory was swiftly refreshed on why Aesop continues, time and time again, to be one of my favorite artists.  The track certainly has a new edge to it that gives the obscure quirkiness of Aesop’s lyrics a fresh canvas to paint.  However, the unique qualities, of both the lyrics and production, that Aesop is known for are still prevalent in his work today.  

From the catchy synth lead that starts off the track, to the driving, dripping-wet bass line, to the uplifting drum beat that carries the listener through it’s entirety, “Zero Dark Thirty” has set the bar high for the rest of “Skelethon” and has boosted the excitement of Aesop fans for his new release.

Plus, the music video is really cool: